word press | best information and best introduction for beginners

word press best information

word press very biggest platform for bloggers and website builders. very is to create a powerful and beautiful website by using WordPress .we are going to learn about, we are practically moving on to a new tutorial. in this series discussing on WordPress website. so
  • what is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source content management system, and a framework which is based on PHP, and MySQL and of course. it runs on an Apache server to define. its interaction, with the users and various parts of the web. it requires PHP programming language. and it uses my sequel in order to store data entries into the database now. what we need in order to create our own WordPress site.
  • what are the basic things ?
word press | best information and best introduction for beginners


those we will be looking for definitely, we will be requiring a server-side scripting code, and a database system of the course.  which will be storing data and listen to the scripting code to carry on the instructions now a hosting server. the environment will be required to run all these applications. this hosting server environment basically,  we can install WordPress into our project. in two ways the first one is an internet web hosting service. 

That may require some costing to purchase it. and of course those web hosting services. they must be supporting this WordPress installation, but there are many free webs hosting services, out there with this hosting  WordPress installation. those can be used in website building purpose for setting up the project initially and make experiments.

with it so I think I would like to suggest you go on for Google and find out,  those free web hosting providers to support 'WordPress' installation. and the second one is very unorthodox, was but very useful for the beginners to make experiments, with WordPress is to install WordPress into our local host web server. which supports apposite,  now in this purpose.

I use one server what why we require this kind of localhost. or an online web hosting service, so here is a picture in the last case that I have prepared for you. if we describe this picture then I think. the scenario will be clear, to you whenever and the user makes a request it. first gets to DNS. and then after a thorough search via this World Wide Web, they, at last, find your web server your domain name. your web server and then sends the request into that particular server.

we can see that along with this index.php index dot PHP there could be a numerous number of files inside there but as an instance, I have placed here. an index dot PHP. where we can see that this index dot PHP page, and along with another database, over there all the data required to run that particular website. are stored into that particular database first of all into via this index dot PHP all those required instructions those commands those are now carried out suppose. that you have created an online examination basis.

where you need to find. the aggregate the total number that you have obtained, and in that part was all of your gathered or achieved numbers. those are presented to the database, as a record and whenever. you are requesting for your own numbers the aggregate numbers. those numbers are practically summed up inside this particular server and after this number being summed up.

over there this index dot PHP along with that particular summed up number is now sent back to the DNS and via this DNS it gains access into, this user machine and then only. this user will be able to access a particular number, this means that every sort of operations. there those are practically served into this server inside.


this server and then only the result is now traced back into this user machine for final discipline so that is why we will be requiring a web server and along with this web server all, we are now going to do we are going to install this WordPress.

that is practically a framework. if you now install WordPress, into it WordPress is. what are workers? what is nothing but a framework, that allows the user to create multiple pages, or multiple data or those short of chains multiple pages, and multiple posts inside a to store, if any kind of data into eternal tables in order to maintain all those complicated operations easy, and that is WordPress has a larger demand worldwide.

so now in we will discuss. how to install WordPress manually. into our one server into our machine and then we will be discussing all those things those are needed to know about WordPress so that's it for today's this topic I hope you get some information. about WordPress.  very is to use. and in the same way, managing is also very easy.

most of the peoples it means bloggers are interested in blogging. to make unique and very fair and easy to understanding. more free or premium plugins are available, and blogger requirements. thousands of free WordPress themes available, in Wordpress platform.
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